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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Welcome to WOLDEAB Technology Consulting!

We are a small consulting firm based in Hamburg, Germany. Our focus is to assist small to medium sized-businesses in all aspects in the areas of corporate management and development. We excel in utilizing our network of highly skilled partners and connecting you with suitable and reputable freelance experts to meet your businesses’ individual needs and finding custom-tailored solutions to your specific situation. Due to our petite size we are in a position to serve your demands in a flexible and individual, yet innovative nature.

Our Consulting Approach

  • Client-orientated: Conjointly we develop and implement your project in accordance to your specific needs and your business individual requirements and within its framework.
  • Best Practice: Woldeab Technology Consulting relies on long years of experience in interdisciplinary consulting and project management.
  • Open Communication: We believe that even in critical and complicated phases of a project, direct information exchange and communication between all parties involved in the project and the stakeholders are a guaranteed formula of success.
  • Sustainability:  We develop and recommend concepts in view of their long-term applicability and their potential of adaption in ever changing framework requirements and future demands.

Our Services and References

In long years of consulting  and project management WOLDEAB Technology Consulting has accumulated experiences and established a  renowned reputation assisting companies on their way to success in industries as various as transport, energy, industrial commodities as well as in the public sector. We are glad to pass on and apply these experiences to:

  • Your PROJECT: strategic portfolio management, multi-(simultaneous) project management, general project management and supervision, IT project management and interim management.
  • Your PRODUCT: product management, strategic product roadmap, all processes involved in product development, - the product life cycle and possibly required  continuous product modifications and enhancements, regulatory requirements, online market research (Conjoint analysis)
  • Your QUALITY: quality management, QM systems, health safety & envirnonment management (HSE), certification consulting.

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